Innovative Technologies

Pharmaceutical Scientist

A unique portfolio of cutting-edge, commercially viable products.

Senetek is focused on the development of advanced technologies and medical treatment breakthroughs in two therapeutic areas: anti-aging and sexual dysfunction.


Skincare is one of the fastest-growing health-related markets representing approximately $56 billion in sales world wide. Senetek is poised to capitalize on this market through collaborations with major market leaders who can provide abundant marketing capabilities and distribution channels for current Senetek products as well as those in the pipeline. Current partnerships include: Revlon, The Body Shop, ICN Pharmaceuticals, Enprani Co. Ltd., Osmotics, Med Beauty AG, and Allure Cosmetics.

Senetek has developed a unique portfolio of patented skincare technologies. The leading proprietary product in the Company’s dermatological portfolio is Kinetin, a product that has yielded excellent results in clinical studies. In clinical trials conducted at UC Irvine, Kinetin demonstrated similar efficacy to Renova® in the amelioration of fine wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and skin texture without the irritation associated with the use of retinoids or alpha hydroxy acids.

Sexual Dysfunction

It is estimated that more than 100 million men world wide suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). In addition, the under-developed “lifestyle market,” which includes the sexual dysfunction market, is growing rapidly because demand is generated not only by traditional marketing to physicians but is also strongly driven by the requests of patients.

Senetek has developed Invicorp® a highly safe and effective treatment for Erectile Dysfunction. This treatment offers distinct advantages over current products on the market. Products currently available are suboptimal in terms of efficacy in moderately to severely affected populations, onset and duration of action, natural initiation and termination of erection, as well as the risk of adverse reactions, when compared to Invicorp®.

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